Viewing student work or seeing students in action has been helpful to me in terms of ideas, inspiration and methodology. So, I'm sharing examples here.  I have been fortunate to work with creative, motivated and all-around cool kids. I'm proud to show-off their work. Their Spanish isn't perfect, nor is mine, so please be gentle with us both. The purpose is to share what has worked for me and hopefully inspire you to either try something new, alter something old and/or share the learning in the process.


Grade 1 Spanish Story  LA ESTRELLA ROJA

Grade 2 Spanish Story  JUGABA COMO UN MONSTRUO

Grade 4 Spanish Story  LA CHICA Y EL LOBO

Grade 4 Spanish Story  LA ABUELA

Grade 5 Spanish Story  EL PULPITO

Grade 9 Spanish Story JUAN Y SU PERRITO