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Boosting Literacy in the WL Classroom
Global Pen Pals
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Breakout EDU

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Elementary Kids Can and Do

  • CLDE Academy, Denver, May 3rd, 2017 Bridging the Gap

  • EdTechTeam, Breckenridge GAFE Summit, April 2017

Map What? Map That.
Going Global with Google



  • Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Cuenca, Spain, July 3-7

  • CCFLT/SWCOLT, Denver, February 25-27, 2015

  • Mark School, San Rafael, CA, Coaching and World Language Forum, January 30 Handout


  • ACTFL, San Antonio, TX, November 20-23

    • NNELL Keynote

    • Blood, Teeth and Selfies: Engaging Early Language Learners Presentation

  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit, Boulder, CO, October 11-12, World Languages a la Google, Handout

  • NTPRS, Chicago, IL, Handouts

  • iFLT, Denver, CO, Handouts

  • Foothills Elementary, Dual Immersion TPRS/CI Workshop

  • CCFLT, Loveland, CO, 20% Projects for the World Language Classroom

  • Aspen School District, K-12 Workshops, Consulting and Evaluation

  • Saint Marks, San Rafael, CA, K-8 Evaluation


  • ACTFL, Orlando, FL, Blood and Teeth, Gangdom Style: Engaging Early Language Learners

  • Singapore American School, WL Workshops

  • Global Education Conference, Is There a Tooth-fairy in Chile?

  • iFLT, San Diego, CA, Elementary Spanish Level One Learning Lab

  • NTPRS, Dallas, TX, Elementary Workshop, Edmodo Session


  • Google Apps for Education Summit, Singapore, World Languages a la Google

  • iFLT, Breckenridge, Co-Director

  • ISA (International Spanish Academy) Web 2.O Webinar for World Language Teachers