CCFLT Fall Conference Tech in the WL Classroom

iflt, July 2017

Breakout EDU

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Make your own Breakout EDU Game

Elementary Kids Can and Do


CLDE Academy, Denver, May 3rd, 2017  Bridging the Gap

EdTechTeamBreckenridge GAFE Summit, April 2017

Map What? Map That.
Going Global with Google



  • Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Cuenca, Spain, July 3-7
  • CCFLT/SWCOLT, Denver, February 25-27, 2015
  • Mark School, San Rafael, CA, Coaching and World Language Forum, January 30  Handout


  • ACTFL, San Antonio, TX, November 20-23  
    • NNELL Keynote
    • Blood, Teeth and Selfies: Engaging Early Language Learners  Presentation
  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit, Boulder, CO, October 11-12, World Languages a la Google, Handout
  • NTPRS, Chicago, IL, Handouts
  • iFLT, Denver, CO, Handouts
  • Foothills Elementary, Dual Immersion TPRS/CI Workshop
  • CCFLT, Loveland, CO,  20% Projects for the World Language Classroom
  • Aspen School District, K-12 Workshops, Consulting and Evaluation 
  • Saint Marks, San Rafael, CA,  K-8 Evaluation


  • ACTFL, Orlando, FL, Blood and Teeth, Gangdom Style: Engaging Early Language Learners
  • Singapore American School, WL Workshops
  • Global Education Conference, Is There a Tooth-fairy in Chile?
  • iFLT, San Diego, CA, Elementary Spanish Level One Learning Lab
  • NTPRS, Dallas, TX, Elementary Workshop, Edmodo Session


  • Google Apps for Education Summit, Singapore, World Languages a la Google
  • iFLT, Breckenridge, Co-Director
  • ISA (International Spanish Academy) Web 2.O Webinar for World Language Teachers