Novel ways to summarize a novel


Five Fingers

Students trace their hand. They label the fingers: characters, setting, details, details and solution.  Students then read the chapter on their own. Some to took notes under each finger. They then wrote a paragraph summarizing the chapter. Next time I'll have students orally retell the story using their fingers as a guide. 



8 Verbs to Describe

Students worked in pairs to find eight verbs that summarized the chapter. They wrote them on a large piece of paper.  Then, one partner would read the verb/sentence and the other would act out the sentence. Then, they switched. Lastly, I lined the kids up across from their partner with all the papers on one side. The side with the verbs had to pick three verbs and their partner on the other side had to demonstrate the action. Then, the line moved so each student had a new partner. We continued until each student was back to their original spot. 


Five Sheets of Creativity

Each group was given five pieces of paper. They had to creatively illustrate the chapter and then act out the chapter out using their new visuals. 


These examples came from the novel La Calaca Alegre by Carrie Toth