Making storyboards novel again

Not another storyboard! My students have shared this sentiment with me on more than one occasion. Even after hundreds of requests by me for students to make six boxes, I still find it an awesome activity to provide additional reps for our target structures while students are relatively calm at their tables or on the floor. (Calmness is not how I would typically describe my class.)  I also love this activity because I can individually check for understanding with certain students and pose higher level thinking questions for others while they are drawing. Although not crucial for language acquisition, the number of output assessments that result from a student-created storyboard is endless.

A few ideas for making the process of drawing the story novel.

  • paper size, color and design
  • number the boxes by 5s. 10s, 1000s or ordinal numbers
  • white boards (grandes y pequeños)
  • cardboard
  • Google slides and other tech tools
  • chalk, paint and new Sharpies