Salvando la Nochevieja

Salvando la Nochevieja is my first shot at creating a Breakout EDU game for my Spanish class.

Overview Video:

Set-up Directions:

1-Print out the Digital Resources.  

2-Put your Breakout EDU box in the middle of the class. Put grape tic tacs (or another grape candy) and a few WE BROKE OUT celebration signs in the box. Close the box and set all locks on the hasp except one of the 3-digit locks needed for the small box.

3-Put the key to padlock, the black light and the USB drive n the small box. Place a 3-digit lock on it and set to 724. Hide the box. I like to put it on top of the hanging LCD projector.

4-Hang the flight map in an obvious place and hide the key (numbers to letters) under a table. Solution to one of 4- letter word locks: tres

5-Distribute the food pictures on different tables/chairs and the 2 QR codes in a semi-obvious place. Solution to one of the 3- digit number locks on the small box: 724.

6-Put the metro map on a table. Use the invisible pen and write “Lee lo que está escrito encima del monumento” on the back of the 5 and “No hay nada aquí” on the back of the 7. Hang the 7 and the 5 in a very obvious place on the wall. Be sure they can easily be removed from the wall. Place the Metro clue in a small envelop and save for later use. The facilitator will share this clue with the group when someone begins to read the Latin on top of monument. Solution to the 5-digit letter/number lock: colon

7-Hide the book Don Quijote (or another book not normally present in your class) with the two Google Maps clues inside. Solution to one of the 4- letter word locks:  PRAR

8-Place text conversation in an envelope and hide under a chair. Leave the Fechas Importantes document  (with a toy train or printed train on top of this document to make it easier) in an obvious place.  Solution to one of the 3-digit number locks: 334

9-Place the Mecano clue in an envelope and hide it. Solution to the 4-digit lock: 5162

10-Set-out a few pieces of paper, a computer with a screen and speaker and a few QR readers. Extra chromebooks or computers are helpful but not required.

11-Place the two Hint Cards on top of the box. Be sure you have the Metro clue close to you (in a pocket is good) and out of site. 

12-Read students the storyline and and then start the digital timer at 45 minutes. 

See Author's notes for pre and post activities for this game. 

Visit Breakout EDU or the new Breakout EDU Español FB page (gracias a Martina Bex) for more games and lots of support.