Tree nuts

Grade 9. Spanish II.

Day One.
I was sharing with my students a bit about how SLA (Second Language Acquisition) works. The more relevant, personal or interesting the content, the easier it will be to acquire the language. To help make my point, I asked if anyone was allergic to nueces (nuts).  

Benji quickly raised his hand and proclaimed that he was allergic to tree nuts. 

The next question came from me: Which nuts are actually nueces de árbol (tree nuts)? 

Benji wasn't entirely sure. He did know peanuts are not nueces de árbol as they grow in the ground. 

The class started to head in the wrong diretion. Lots of kids were blurting out (in English) to verify if their chosen nut (pecan, hazelnut, pistachio, etc.) was, in fact, a nuez de árbol. Sensing pending chaos, I abruptly stopped them all with a request. 

                     Benji, will you please prepare a presentation on tree nuts for the class for tomorrow?

                     Why should I have to do a presentation on tree nuts if no one else has to do one?  

                     Well, you are the only one with a tree nut allergy.

We then moved on to singing a short song.  Class ended. 

Day Two.
A student raises his hand. I had forgotten his name for a moment. 

Maestra, can I do my presentation?

Sensing the confusion on my face, another student helps. Yea, when can Benji do his nueces de árbol presentation. 

Still perplexed, I answer, más tarde

We do a few more activities and Benji asks again if he can do his nueces de árbol presentation?

At this point, I say ahora. 

Benji walks up to my computer. Signs himself in to his Google Account and shares a short presentation he created on nueces de árbol. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.58.50 PM.png