Time is flying....Let's capture this learning via Voicethread

It's getting close to the end of the year.  Lots more to learn but even more to revisit from this year past year. How are students able to use what they "learned" in the fall? What stuck what didn't?  We are using Voicethread as a way to reflect on learning, showcase how awesome we are and hopefully connect with students across the globe along the way. It's my hope because these kids will have these accounts for years, they will be able to document their proficiency. 

Vokis used for CI

This is an old tool but many teachers I know use it as a speaking assessment.  Not a bad idea but I'm using it as CI activity. After typing in the text, students listen to a variety of voices from different Spanish Speaking countries before choosing their favorite. Many had to alter the spelling of their name so it was pronounced correctly.  I limited the time to deck-out their character to 10 mintues. The only other paramater I gave was that they had to choose a background that they knew enough Spanish to describe. These avatars will go on each student's blog.