Change of Plans

Today I had a lesson plan for second grade. I don't always have a detailed lesson plan, but today I did. However, when Steven asked how to say "I'm thirsty", my plan changed. Twenty minutes later we had created a story around "is thirsty" (tiene sed). First, however, we warmed-up a bit. What were kids thirsty for? Cola Cao de España? Frescolita de Venezuela? Jugo de México? I used some props and did some basic circling. Then, we started the story. There was a girl (Megan) who was thirsty. She was thirsty for milk. She went to Iowa. Iowa is close and there are lots of cows in Iowa. (We live in Colorado) So, she walked to Iowa. She asked Iowa for some milk. Iowa gave her some chocolate milk. She said she didn't want chocolate milk. Iowa thought for a bit and then recommended Argentina. He said there are lots of normal cows in Argentina. It was far they agreed but Megan did go to Argentina. She went in a big helicopter because Argentina is far away. Once in Argentina, there were lots of normal cows (the entire class playing cows). Megan asked a cow for milk. The cow gave her some white milk. She drank and drank and drank the milk. She was no longer thirsty.

This is an example of how my lesson plan (often) changes. The good news is my kids have acquired a new word AND I have a lesson plan for tomorrow.