Teaching Colors...NOT

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I haven't been a fan of teaching color for years now. Here's why. I don't think knowing them (or not knowing them) measures proficiency in the language. Nor do I think they are important for beginning language learners. There are many more important words I'd rather my students learn and be able to use. Also, it actually takes a lot (of time and effort) to learn ten different color words.

Recently, a teacher in my building was doing a L2 assessment of her Kindergarten class. They are doing VERY well in Spanish and I suggested, due to time constraints, she not bother with the colors assessment. She decided to test them on the colors anyway. She was surprised that one of her higher kids actually missed a few. However, when asked, ¿Qué color es? Jonas responded,"No sé que color es esto". Bingo. I would much rather a student be able to say "I don't know what color that is" then recall all 10 colors perfectly.

I Haven't Had a Turn to "Busca"

This was the first thing that one on my students said to me when he arrived to class this afternoon. Kellen is in Kindergarten. I have not seen this group since last Wednesday (6 days ago) and he remembered our target structure, busca (to look for). He knows what the word means, how it's used in our story and he wants a turn. Perfect. These are the comments that motivate me to keep using storytelling with younger language learners.